45 Years of passion

Gérard Schmitter founded CroisiEurope in 1976, and since then the company has become the leader and model for the European river cruise industry. CroisiEurope proposes intimate-sized cruises on canals, rivers, and seas in Europe and around the world. Welcoming more than 200,000 passengers each year aboard its fleet of 55 ships, CroisiEurope has seen an increase in loyal customers returning.

Today’s success is navigated by Mr. Schmitter’s second- and third-generation heirs, who carry forth his values. Their goal is to offer “all-included” packages with impeccable service on reasonably scaled, top-comfort ships by providing a variety of cruises which continue to keep up with the times. CroisiEurope incorporates every aspect of our profession to share the French joie de vivre with our passengers.

Through our unique market position, CroisiEurope is the only company diverse enough to propose cruises on European and worldwide rivers and canals, as well as the seas. Our ever-growing number of customers appreciate our intimate-sized ships—from just 16 passengers on board the RV African Dream and the RV Zimbabwean Dream, to 22 on our canal barges, and up to 197 passengers on the MV La Belle de l’Adriatique.

A French, independent and family-run company, CroisiEurope emphasizes the human touch in the great ambiance found on board the ships. Hospitality, reactivity, availability, and professionalism are the key goals on board. The reasonable size of the ships (from 16 to 197 passengers maximum) creates a cozy atmosphere for kicking back and enjoying the cruise.

From the beginning, CroisiEurope has continued to innovate with new itineraries along the water. A pioneer in offering cruises on the Rhine in 1976, followed by a wide range of destinations and itineraries: privileged navigation in Paris, access to Martigues, Honfleur, in the bay of Cadiz, between Berlin and Prague, on the Loire between Nantes and Angers, on Lake Kariba and the Mekong.

CroisiEurope’s major edge lies in its affordable offers through integral involvement at every level of their fleet. From design and production of the ships, decoration, hotel and sales management, maintenance, purchasing and training—the company takes care of it all thanks to the 1,350 dedicated employees. This keeps costs down and lets CroisiEurope offer similar cruises at a lower price than their competitors.

Globalization is on the move, and CroisiEurope has what it takes to keep up with the times through their multi-lingual crews; a detail that makes all the difference. They have reinforced their teams of hosts, hostesses, and tour guides according to the nationalities they welcome on board with of view to making their international customers feel at home.
The crews commit to providing worry-free cruises on all the ships. Everyone from the captains, pursers, and cruise directors to the maître d’s, chefs, servers, and crew members are ready to provide unbeatable service, and they take part in professional training on a regular basis to keep on top of ever-changing passenger demands

Since 2014, the “ALL-INCLUDED” package is available on all CroisiEurope cruises, except for our faraway destinations. The package includes: all meals, drinks from the bar and during meals (wine, water, beer, juices, and coffee; not including the special wine and champagne list), Wi-Fi access, audio-guide systems, musical entertainment, and a fuel surcharge guarantee. Passengers do not have to worry about any extra purchases and can fully enjoy their vacations.

CroisiEurope ships have been inspected and certified by Bureau Veritas, a firm sign of quality. All vessels are verified from top to bottom each year and are regularly renovated. CroisiEurope has been improving the level of comfort over the years to better respond to the growing number of passengers. On board, everything is designed for passenger safety and wellbeing. A certified health protocol by Bureau Veritas (Safeguard) ensures the proper application of preventive, sanitary measures taken on board due to the Covid-19 situation. Boarding is safe for everyone with the presentation of the Health Pass recognized in the European Union. You will find all the information regularly updated on our website.

CroisiEurope is the only “floating hotel” structure of this type in France and retains complete control over its ships’ kitchens. The top chef, Alain Bohn, invents and produces his specific menus alongside his dedicated teams using the finest French gastronomy traditions.
The company also proposes savory gastronomic and wine-tasting cruises in partnership with several Michelin-starred chefs, such as Marc Haeberlin or from Maison Paul Bocuse. Expert culinary techniques are religiously adhered to on all the ships to satisfy their passengers’ sophisticated palates.

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